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Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure
Car Rescue Hero Toy Adventure

Car Rescue Hero Toy-Help Kids Build Self-Confidence | Kibtoy

17 Reviews
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Car Rescue Hero Toy Wins Educational Game of the Year Award! Car Rescue Hero Helps Reduce Screen Time and Provides Hours of Brain-Boosting Fun!

Why does my sweet little one need a car rescue adventure toy?

Boost Brain PowerYour child will concentrate and use different parts of their brain to guide cars through obstacles, line up helicopters, open and close bridges, lift cranes, turntables and use escalators, improving their motor skills, timing, problem solving, logic Thinking, color perception and hand-eye coordination.

Build Confidence and Character】Watching cars go through obstacles validates their motor skills and decision-making, boosting their self-esteem and confidence, while having hours of fun with or without supervision.

Stop for a WhileWith 4 mini cars, 6 control buttons and 8 different challenges with Car Rescue Hero Toy, your kids are guaranteed to stay busy and busy for hours without any sign of boredom and more importantly, without harmful Screen time, no more hearing the phrase "Mom, Dad, I'm bored!" (This can even give you some free time to do other things)

Child Friendly MaterialCar Rescue Hero Toy is made of high quality non-toxic ABS material which has passed physical and mechanical tests to meet toy standards. Rounded edges and smooth surface design make you no longer worry about your child being hurt. It's also 100% mechanical, so no batteries are needed, and it's never tossed in a cupboard because it's "not working."

An award Winning Game!Give your kids the Car Rescue Hero Toy and let them play for hours without screens, batteries, fuss or frustration. It's the perfect gift they'll actually play with, keep giving and they're guaranteed to love.

kids playing with car rescue hero toy


Q - How old is a car rescue hero toy?

A - Suitable for ages 2 and up. Many customers say their 4-6 year olds love it too!

Q - Does it use batteries?

A - No, it is 100% mechanical. No batteries required and will always work!

Q - What is the size of this car toy?

A - The Car Rescue Hero toy is 26cm x 27cm x 20cm.

Q - Is it easy and quick to assemble?

A - Yes, non-standard convenience. Setup is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Q - Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A - Yes. We are happy to refund or replace your item within 90 days of your purchase.

Q - Do I need to pay extra to ship my order?

A - No additional fee is required. Free worldwide shipping on all items in the KIBTOY store.

Car Rescue Hero Toy Operation Guide

What will be included in my package?

 Car Rescue Hero Toy Package List

car rescue hero adventure toy

17 Reviews
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Reviews (17)
  • G
    Gloria Hernandez.
    Verified Buyer
    It's tiny. Like old micro machines tiny. I would rate this lower because I felt misled, but my son absolutely LOVES this thing. So I forget sometimes, that's what's more important. He's happy, I'm happy. And it's small enough to just bag it and bring it to his grandma's house or whatever.
  • M
    Mona Boone.
    Verified Buyer
    Cool concept, not very durable
    All the levers and buttons and knows are very easy to use with no real resistance, and all work smoothly. My son has no issues operating it. He only has issues if I don't want to sit and watch him operate it for an hour.
  • M
    Verified Buyer
    fun and learning
    This toy is pretty cool. I guess I didn’t read description very well, because I thought it was more magnetic throughout the whole track- but only one part is magnetic. The part that is magnetic (the helicopter) is a very cool concept, but ours didn’t work. The arm that holds the helicopter sat up too high to magnetically grab the cars (even when picking the required component). I had to lightly push down on the helicopter just to get it to grab the car. The concept is very cool and would help with motor skills, but might might not be very easy for some three year olds. The bridge and track also very easily come off, which would frustrate my son (and then my puppy chewed the track since it fell off into the floor). My son still plays with parts of it though. Cool idea, but some parts don’t work very well.
  • M
    Megan .
    Verified Buyer
    Tiny, Portable Learning
    Got this for my 3 year old thinking originally that it was much larger, from the way the photos were portrayed.
  • D
    Verified Buyer
    grandchild loved
    I got this for my 6 grand kids 2- 6 yrs oldand I keep it at my house for me.. lol I mean them to play with... it seems to withstand a lot of little and big hands playing with it. There are small parts so supervise when Littles are playing.
  • S
    Shonny boo.
    Verified Buyer
    children loved it.
    We got this for our grandson who loves cars. Out of all the gifts he received for Christmas this one is his favorite.
  • A
    Andrew D Schmidt.
    Verified Buyer
    It’s really fun, for a little while.
  • A
    Ann Smith .
    Verified Buyer
    WELL MADE. Make sure to scroll down to read size when considering this. The picture is quite deceitful on actual size. WAY SMALLER!
  • A
    Aaron Holbrook.
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful Toy
    My grandchildren (ages 2-7) love this toy. My husband said I should have purchased two because they all want to play with it at the same time. It's not made of heavy plastic but it's durable enough. Easy to assemble and great learning tool for learning colors and hand cocoordination.
  • M
    Verified Buyer
    But it's smaller.
    The actual track is smaller than the pictures depict.